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GRAMMY® Awards

Best Global Music Album

            Album : Lessons in Love                                           

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Artist: Pragnya Wakhlu


Voted as Vogue India's top 12 acts of 2020, independent singer-songwriter Pragnya Wakhlu’s third studio album , ‘Lessons in Love’ paints a musically diverse soundscape of haunting, beautiful songs that capture the myriad moods one goes through navigating the ups and downs in love.                 'Lessons in Love' charted in the  Euro Indie top 100 charts and featured extensively on the editorial Apple Music and Spotify's editorial playlists.

The album features Austrailian Jazz guitarist Marcos Villalta and India’s finest musicians from the independent music circuit.


Image by Cristian Palmer

"Deeply meaningful music.The very essence of gentle euphoria. A truly wholesome composition.Rarely is art so casual and staggerring simultaneously"         

Score Magazine 

"Pragnya beautifully expresses her feelings with a smooth and infectious voice that will soften the hardest hearts and make anyone swoon"

        Melt Reviews

"A hauntingly beautiful offering"

   Rolling Stone Magazine

Best Global Music Performance

               Song : Akele Hi Sahi                 

Album : Lessons in Love

 'Akele Hi Sahi' is a hindi song about accepting and respecting the different ways people choose to live their lives.  In India, the societal norm and formula for happiness for a woman reaching a certain age is to get married.            'Akele his Sahi' is about owning and celebrating one's individuality and freedom by living life on one's own terms . The song was featured as Rolling Stone Editors Pick of the week.

Best Music Video

                Song : Whale Song                  
               Artist : Pragnya Wakhlu

Album : Lessons in Love

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

  Best Improvized Jazz Solo

                Song : Nice Guy                 
               Artist : Pragnya Wakhlu

Album : Lessons in Love

Best New Artist :Pragnya Wakhlu
Album of the Year :Lessons in Love


          Other music videos from the album

Fallin' - Official Music Video

Fallin' - Official Music Video

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