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Sub - Category:  Alternative Music Performance

"Pragnya Wakhlu channels her inner Red Hot Chilli  Peppers sound as she brings the funk with her new upbeat single “Disconnect.” The song features a groovy guitar riff alongside airy drums and Wakhlu’s solid vocals and her rap parts"


 Funky, Groovy and thought-provoking.

The groove of the bassline is enough to have you hooked onto the tune. Pragnya’s vocals and lyrical genius shine through the entire track. The musical approach to it all, is really interesting and fitting in ways you probably wouldn’t expect. This blurs the lines between what is traditionally ‘rap’ and adopts a unique approach in the name of ‘spoken word’ 

-The Score Magazine

Disconnect album art LS.jpg

About the Song

Pragnya's latest single, DiSCONNECT is a thought-provoking melodic rap on our growing obsession with the virtual world and increasing disconnection with reality. 

This single marks a new musical direction for Pragnya after three critically acclaimed albums in the global, jazz and blues genres.

With a groovy bassline, bluesy chords, and a tight drum groove, DiSCONNECT creates an interesting sonic blend where funk meets spoken word.


This song was born from Pragnya's angst when she felt isolated from her closest ones as she poured her heart out to them. Despite being physically in the same room, they were mentally in their own virtual worlds. They were only superficially listening with their heads buried in their phones. 

When she looked around, she noticed that this was a consistent pattern happening everywhere across the world.


The song encourages people to pause & return to the Here and Now, listen with presence and value the things that truly matter.


Could we Disconnect to Reconnect?

About Pragnya Wakhlu

With three multi-award-winning albums and several released singles to her credit, Indian artist Pragnya Wakhlu has cemented her place in the music industry as an independent musician creating meaningful & path-breaking music. 


Pragnya was featured by Vogue Magazine as one of the top indie acts in India and Outlook Magazine as one of the people who chose the spirit of freedom to empower lives for her work in music.


 Her music has been a consistent feature on Spotify and Apple Music's editorial playlists, with Spotify featuring her on the cover on their Incoming Indie playlist.


Her music video for Whale Song was selected to be part of the 2022 Cannes Shorts Film festival.


Pragnya is a proud member of the Recording Academy™ and has been featured several times on VH1, MTV, Rolling Stone India, Rock Street Journal, Jazz in India and more.


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